Maps, Chords, and Effect Ideas

  "A dramatic presentation should be an act of initiation during which the spectator will be awed and even terrified... During that experience of terror or frenzy... the spectator will be in a position to understand a new set of truths, superhuman in quality." (Wallace Fowlie on Artaud's "Theater of Cruelty") Gabe Duquette, writing at… Continue reading Maps, Chords, and Effect Ideas

“If It Sounds Bad It Is Bad”

One of the critical ideas I've found most interesting of late is a seeming contradiction: Just because it sounds like bad music doesn't mean it is bad music. "Just because it reads like a bad novel doesn't mean it's a bad novel" is also sort of true, but a bit more complicated. The tenability of… Continue reading “If It Sounds Bad It Is Bad”

Art As Engineering

A Conversation with Gabriel Duquette and Haley Thurston Gabriel Duquette is a co-founder of Liposuction (tagline “aesthetics without all the fat”). He started the site with Haley Thurston, who studied art at Yale before contributing to Carcinistion and Ribbonfarm (her more casual art writing can be found at The Sublemon). Both are interested primarily in “retro-engineering”… Continue reading Art As Engineering