The Dark Miracle of Optics

Alternate titles: The Public-Private Information Gap Rules Everything Around MeBaudrillard’s Simulacra, Steelmanned“Have your cake and eating it too”The Precarity of Prestige Economies“Goodhart’s is just a subset, mannn.”“Costly signals are just a subset, mannn.”The Tragedy of AppearancesOn Truth & Lies in a Nonmoral Sense Epistemic status: no idea how original any of this is; it just… Continue reading The Dark Miracle of Optics

Seventies Interior Design

In the seventies, carpets were a way to signal a certain level of middle and upper-middle-class affluence. As such, they could be found almost everywhere. Today, stained wood stands as a similar socioeconomic indicator, at least in coastal American culture. There is the angle by which this is purely contrarian signaling — the upper-class picks a style (e.g. carpeting);… Continue reading Seventies Interior Design

A Conversation With Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry is a contributing editor at Ribbonfarm, and published Every Cradle is a Grave: Rethinking the Ethics of Birth and Suicide through Nine-Banded Books in 2014. Perry occupies a Gertrude Stein-esque role in the intellectual community of post-rationalism, bringing people together into a salon-like digital space while also producing vitally important work of her own. Perry's writing has dealt with issues ranging from existentialist ethics and… Continue reading A Conversation With Sarah Perry

Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out of This Country

Camera Obscura's breakthrough Let's Get Out of This Country was released ten years ago this June. Had I known of the record at the time, it would likely have been relegated to the category of guilty pleasure: something to be listened to but not shared; something enjoyable but not worthy. Rock music, especially after a nineties-alt makeover, was still… Continue reading Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out of This Country