Notes to “Oscillation / Fashion”

Supplementary notes to twin essay "Oscillation / Fashion." 1. Fashion is important because it is in almost everything. Alfred H. Daniels (1951) 2. If by "fashion" I mean the sociocultural landscape at a given moment — the full topography of associations, connotations, endorsements, baggages, and significations attached to cultural objects and aesthetic decisions — then… Continue reading Notes to “Oscillation / Fashion”

Genre, Values Hierarchies, & Intentionality in Pop

I. Does intentionality matter? Critical consequentialism put to the ultimate test: David Cooper Moore's "The Scary, Misunderstood Power of a 'Teen Mom' Star's Album"  discusses Farrah Abraham's infamous pop record My Teenage Dream Ended: It's tempting to consider My Teenage Dream Ended alongside other reality TV star vanity albums, like Paris Hilton's excellent (and unfairly… Continue reading Genre, Values Hierarchies, & Intentionality in Pop

Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out of This Country

Camera Obscura's breakthrough Let's Get Out of This Country was released ten years ago this June. Had I known of the record at the time, it would likely have been relegated to the category of guilty pleasure: something to be listened to but not shared; something enjoyable but not worthy. Rock music, especially after a nineties-alt makeover, was still… Continue reading Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out of This Country