Language Games: Work, Play, Simulacra

Our speech may not be rational, but it is motivated. When we choose to speak, we speak for reasons.Our perceptions alter our models, alter our decisions, alter our actions. Our actions alter others’ perceptions alter models alter decisions (ad infinitum).Advertising is communication with specific, narrow motivations: envisioned ends which, in conjunction with player perceptions of…… Continue reading Language Games: Work, Play, Simulacra

Surrogation, or why we can’t have nice things

X: Representation and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Y: True, but but anything before that probably couldn’t be called the human race.

The surrogation matrix

The “thing in itself” (which is precisely what the pure truth, apart from any of its consequences, would be) is likewise something quite incomprehensible to the creator of language and something not in the least worth striving for. This creator only designates the relations of things to men, and for expressing these relations he lays…… Continue reading The surrogation matrix