Found Writings from 4chan’s /lit/

What did it feel like to be alive and culturally enmeshed in the 2010s? What were our values, our hopes, our insecurities and terrors? April 25: And I thought, “This is the saddest thought I think I’ve ever had.”  November 22: “…the second we touch down on Mars, people are going to realise how unfulfilling it is. Oh look, we moved over there. Fantastic. A few billion more planets to visit […] before entropy devours us all huehuehue.” 

Found Texts

The only west left is the north. Tom Waits For Death By A White Man’s Fire Built From The Crossties Of An Abandoned Railroad, He Has A Handle Of Old Crow, Half In His Bag And Half In His Gut, And He Has A Gun, Eighteen Rounds For The Bears, One For The Heartache, And One For The Sky. God if I have to die you have to die…

The only west left is the north, and the gold is really what the poets said in song, black and corrupting and bubbling up from hell, it pollutes more than men’s souls. The miners will rush, and they’ll come in chains, they always come in chains, slaves selling themselves for a chance to own slaves, they always come in chains. The aspen will tremble and the snow will melt, ants keep slaves and orangutans can paint, the aspen will tremble and the snow will melt, we’re the only apes that kill ourselves. The west was never the west and what an idea to build myth from direction, but the north hasn’t been paved yet and wilderness lives in the cracks of eastern asphalt and the stucco palaces of the west will crumble into film and song.

The West Was Never The West And Tom Waits Patiently For Death By The Embers Of A Fire He Watches The Stars Slowly Get Dressed And Tongue Kiss Him Goodbye With A Red Sunrise, You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine, I’ve Been Following The Highway West And It’s Worked For Me So I’ll Go Where It Curves With A Quarter Handle Of Old Crow And A Gun With Nineteen Rounds. The only west left is the north.

04/25/16(Mon)00:44:22 No.7962381


Last night
I dreamt of kissing the girl
Who sits next to me in my Anthropology tute

I dreamt we went to the park near uni
And drunk vodka out of a water bottle

We got drunk so quickly
And started making out
And as she lay on top of me
I could feel
My arm reaching around her waist
And it was tiny and delicate.

Her lips felt so real,
And kissing her felt just like kissing a girl in real life.

When I woke up, I thought:
“My memory of this dream feels just as ‘real’ as any memory I have of a real life event,
So in a way, my dream is no less real than actual reality.”

And then,
“So that means that everything that happened in that dream
Really did happen
If I convince myself enough”

And I thought,
“This is the saddest thought I think I’ve ever had.”

04/25/16(Mon)19:28:27 No.7965050


It feels like everything is culturally irrelevant.

Books, movies, vidyagames, art, theatre etc. It’s all consumed hedonistically. Nothing is rewarding or remains in the public consciousness. The final frontier of ‘art’ is virtual reality. People are going to get their fix in virtual reality headsets because real life is going to be so unrewarding.

I mean, lots of people are spacefagging right now, getting their Cosmos fix and watching Elon Musk lectures. Yet the second we touch down on Mars, people are going to realise how unfulfilling it is. Oh look, we moved over there. Fantastic. A few billion more planets to visit I mean conquer, before entropy devours us all huehuehue.

Our existential abyss is approaching, and it’s only going to get worse. It feels like we’re just waiting around for A.I singularity and the final purge of the human race.

Everything sucks.

11/22/16(Tue)19:00:33 No.8753793



11/22/16(Tues)20:10:49 No.8754059


There are many different ways and ideas as to how humans experience the World. We can look at the concepts of rationalism and empiricism as standards set by previous philosophers, but we must also grow and evolve those ideas. Firstly I would like to separate the mind of the individual and how they perceive and the mind of the collective. I believe that humans are rich, conscious beings that work in their best effort to do what is right for them and those around them. They will struggle at times, and try to find the easiest way to do most menial tasks while developing rich work ethics and strong morals in order to improve on the society they live in. The individual focuses on creating an environment that best suits their needs from the things that they have perceived to make them happy. We know that humans experience through the five senses and through those experiences, they develop certain traits that will usually be a part of them for the rest of their lives. These perceptions cause us to form our perceived reality and to live a life in part to the things that affect us. The World as an individual knows it is an amalgamation of everything that the individual perceives, whether that is smells, sights, tastes and so on. Through those perceptions the individual is able to piece together they perceive as the real world. There is no true reality, as humans are only able to perceive their environment. The real world as humans know it is whatever they face how they interact with it and what they take away from it. Everything in life is a perception, but the way people perceive things is completely subjective. When we think of humans as a collective on the other hand, we begin to warp the reality that we have set ourselves on an individual level. We no longer hold as many truths close to us and rely on the perceptions of others to help grow ours. We can look at the very base line of things of how humans learn through in society. This does not account for everyone, as there are those who do not learn in schools, but for the most part humans develop their cognitive processes through things such as school and interactions with adults. The base ideas that were given to them were also just teachings from others. They learned through not only experience of the self but of the experience from others. In my life it has been harder for me to learn from others than it was to learn on my own. I had trouble understanding how others felt until I truly felt it. The collective hampers the training of the self, but also enables it. We live our lives very differently depending on our perceptions of things. As a collective we are trained to think a certain way and to interact a certain way to follow into a general idea of society. We are slowly starting to devolve from that process with the advent of the internet.

03/05/17(Sun)16:14:31 No.9193910


This is a catalogue
of pieces from Ingrid,
whose head was found
toothless and bleeding

in a ditch in the mud,
by a rock near the sea.
Gently caressed
by the froth from the ocean.

A skinned finger,
close to a clearing,
Where she would hide
when oxygen atoms
turned into bricks.

We look at the pictures
and see they progress;
Ingrid at 10;
Ingrid in high school.
Alone on a hill,
the ocean behind her
A long shadow,
standing in front.

Stretching beyond her,
holding her bones…
into the cold
darkness of the water

03/05/17(Sun)01:46:48 No.9191199

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