Lakoff analogy as cross-domain sharing of priors

Thus far I've been interested in predictive coding's hierarchical inference, but cross-domain mapping allows horizontal, analogic inference as well. As Lakoff (1992) notes, much of the language we use to talk about abstract domains is derived from the figurative extension of language used to discuss analogous physical-world situations. For example, in the analogy love is… Continue reading Lakoff analogy as cross-domain sharing of priors

Wait, what? Sense-breaking in contemporary art

x-post from Carcinisation In a recent paper, my collaborator Tom Rutten and I advanced a tentative theory of how contemporary visual artworks might interact with a predictive error minimization (or "predictive processing") system in human viewers. The predictive processing model of cognition is a relatively recent figuration of the age-old problem of inference (how humans… Continue reading Wait, what? Sense-breaking in contemporary art