I just read /
Something John Perry Barlow /
Wrote. He used to write lyrics /
For the Grateful Dead. His work /
With the Electronic Frontier /
Foundation and former career /
As a cattle rancher make him into /
An intriguing kind of statesman.
What I read was a eulogy for the woman
He loved more than any other. A friend
Is going to his birthday party
Tonight. I don’t have the required
Gland to assimilate the Grateful
Dead, but something real must
Have been going on there, and I really
Like John Perry Barlow, a gentleman
And scholar, a man of affairs and
Learning, a short man. I like his writing.
The woman he loved
Cynthia Horner
Died suddenly
On an airplane
In her sleep.
In his eulogy
John Perry Barlow
Describes his happiness
With Cynthia; her boundless
Kindness, tolerance, and sense of fun.
She was a woman
Who was truly game, he wrote.
I read another essay by him
On about all the women
He loves, nd it had lots of
Mystical intelligence in it.
And I liked it.
I am such a shitty

fr. Ariana Reines, Coeur de Lion.